Marriage Celebrant Wollongong

Everyone loves a wedding – the bride, the ritual, the goodwill.

It’s meaningful, fancy, fun.

It’s two people giving each other five stars.

It’s family and friends cheering.

It’s nature’s way of saying, “I love you”.

As a marriage celebrant I’m here for you.

I hope to make you smile like my daughter.

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Wedding Cars

The Packard (blue) and the Valiant (metallic beige) are NOT hire cars.

I own both and, if they tickle your fancy, you’re most welcome to use them for photographs on, before or after your wedding day.

The Packard is a 1936, 120B with rear suicide doors.

The Valiant is a 1962, SVI, push-button auto.


For most couples getting married is easy as opening a joint bank account.

There’s a couple of “legal requirements” and “proofs of identity” but nothing too complicated.

There are four forms you have to complete and sign.

To familiarise yourself with them and all other matters relating to marriage, the first three forms are available on the federal Attorney-General’s Department website.

Birth, Deaths & Marriages

Immediately after the ceremony I will post or deliver the first three forms to Birth, Death & Marriages in the state where the marriage took place and the rest is up to you!


The bare bones of a wedding only takes a couple of minutes and five people – official statement, legal vows and signing (celebrant, couple + two witnesses).

The traditional ceremony includes seven or eight parts.




Celebrant welcome speech


Official statement


Legal vows






Closing ritual, you may kiss ...

There’s dozens of rituals which can be adapted to suit your beliefs, heritage and personality. These can include:

  • Ring warming

    Letting people see, touch and cherish your rings before the ceremony starts

  • Hand binding

    This can be done with one or several people and small iconic gifts

  • A wish

    Guests reflect and make a silent wish for the couple

  • Candles

    Giving each other and lighting an anniversary candle

  • Wine / glasses

    Drinking and/or stamping on the glass/es

  • Sand

    Pouring different coloured sands in a vase

  • Kissing stones

    Throwing stones you have chosen and kissed into the ocean, a river or wishing well

  • Scissor, paper, rock

    Gets the crowd involved!

The variations are endless.

It’s all depends on your imagination, how much time you have, and who you’ve chosen as the talent to help you during the ceremony.

Love Fragments

Over the years I filled several notebooks with fragments about love, life and relationships.
I hope you enjoy this small selection.

Contact Me

I’ve had a diverse career as a journalist, screenplay writer, small-business owner and father of two children.

That’s my favourite (and water-damaged) picture of my daughter and I when she was a babe 33 years ago.

I’m good with words and enjoy love stories.

I’m happy to hear and write yours if you want me too.

I do a lot of preparation and will travel to most places.

I have a strong voice, a visual presence, and tremendous amount of respect and enthusiasm for two people who want to make a very public and life-time statement about their relationship.

Lauren and I

Service Area

Wollongong, South Coast


0420 975 331


I can meet you at any of the following locations to discuss your marriage.

Market St Wollongong

Cawley St in Bellambi

A local cafe/club of your choosing